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At Decks & Spas, we only offer quality products that we believe in from premium manufacturers across the United States. On top of that, all contracted projects are original works, designed and built by us. While we are very confident in all the products and services we offer to our customers, we understand that after sales support is just as important.


We know it can be tempting to buy everything including chemical and spa supplies directly from your online retailer but give Decks & Spas a chance and we promise to make it worth your while. If you bought your hot tub from Decks & Spas at any time in the last 20 years you automatically get a 10% discount on all spa chemicals we sell. On top of our already competitive pricing a 10% discount could make a difference on your annual spa maintenance costs. We also offer free 1-day and 2-day shipping to all of our customers in Western Washington for all purchases over $100. If you bought a spa from Decks & Spas you could be saving time and money by buying your chemicals and supplies from us too. Give us a call to place an order or for additional information.(425)-861-8272 .*Only customers in Western WA are eligible for 1-Day shipping option.*


Clearwater Spas

Viking Spas

Thermassage Spas

Tropic Seas Spa

Hot tubs for sale Hot tubs seattle composite decking seattle decking deck estimates hot tub repairs
Hot tubs for sale Hot tubs seattle composite decking seattle decking deck estimates hot tub repairs


At Decks & Spas we are proud to serve our customers with our very own in-house service and parts department. We understand that hot tub service & repairs can be daunting to spa owners are are determined to help, we strive to give all our customers a fair deal and leave a lasting impression. All spas that we sell are covered under a comprehensive warranty and we pride ourselves on quick turn around times and thorough repair and check up of your spa.

Decks & Spas specializes in servicing many brands including Viking, Clearwater’s, and Tropic Seas Spas. Due to our parts inventory, part availability and the spa technicians specialized training we may not be able to service hot tubs not purchased at Decks & Spas. Please feel free to give us a call for more information, if you have a different brand of spa, we’ll do our best to get you the help you need.

Hot tubs for sale Hot tubs seattle composite decking seattle decking deck estimates hot tub repairs


At Decks & Spas we’re proud to offer our customers competitively priced hot tub cleaning services. Offered services include One-Time Cleanings as well as recurring Quarterly and Monthly spa cleanings offered for discounted rates. Take a look at our pricing on the chart to the right.*

Listed below is what is included with each spa cleaning:
• Drain & refill spa water
• Acid wash acrylic, pillows and jets
• Clean, soak and rinse filter
• Clean cover and apply cover conditioner
• Balance new spa water; pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness
• Add Natural Clarifier as needed
• Maintain Sanitizer levels
• Check and replenish spa chemicals
• Check all basic spa functions

*Quarterly and Monthly cleaning services are available exclusively to customers who have had their spas previously serviced by Decks & Spas in the past 12 months or had purchased their spa from Decks & Spas. For new customers we offer Spa Renewal cleanings and spa check up services, please give us a call for more information on available services and pricing.

Hot tubs for sale Hot tubs seattle composite decking seattle decking deck estimates hot tub repairs

We reserve the time slot for you. If you want to change it we understand and will change it for you. However if it is within 48 hours of the time of service we will charge a $150 change/cancelation fee.









Swim spa

$750** for non purchased swim spas



one-time Deep Cleaning
for extremely dirty spas


Spa Winterizing



Decks & Spas takes great pride in the products & services offered to customers. Spa covers are no different. Our hot tub covers are manufactured using weather shield fabric which is 35% lighter than vinyl and is 100% water repellant. Under the weather shield is a tapered high density foam core made from lightweight and durable polystyrene foam. The foam is lined with metal channels for maximum durability then sealed with 4mil plastic to prevent water saturation. To order please call us at (425) 861-8272 to arrange for precise sizing and ordering your covers.


Spa Moving services are offered at Decks & Spas, pricing is below. Unfortunately, we are not able to move or install brand new spas delivered curb side from online retailers.

For existing customers, our rate is $700 to move and dispose the spa. For new customers rates shall be discussed upon evaluation.

To move a spa to a new location the price will be determined upon evaluation.

If you are beyond the 20 mile radius but still want our moving service we charge $3.00 per mile for anything over 20 miles.

The hot tub must be disconnected from its source of electricity.
The hot tub must be disconnected by the home owner or a licensed electrician. You can call us prior to arrival for advice and we can help walk you through the process but we can not do it ourselves.

The spa should be drained prior to arrival. We can drain the spa but it will add additional expense due to added time.

If the spa move requires a 3rd man it will be an additional $80.00 per hour.

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