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  1. Take filters out of spa and then test spa-More often than no this code is read when filters are dirty and water cant circulate correctly

  2. Test breaker, turn breaker on and off

  3. When breaker is back on the spa should have random coding on screen

  4. Then run pumps and purge area

  5. press warm

  6. If water fall knob is turned on than the waterfall should turn on this is normal

  7. Allow 1 min for code to appear again, if it does appear again after all these, call the service department at decks and spas


  1. With new Spas once active and in correct mode it will heat about 2-3 degrees per hour, it will heat slower till the end result.

  2. Is there an  error code on screen? If yes, please call the store as this may require a service. If no error code and you aren’t sure what mode it is in, refer to below.

  3. Is the heat light  blinking or solid? When the heat light is blinking that means it is warming up to start heating when it is solid it means it is heating activity. If ether is occurring than the spa is on track to heat and just needs time.

  4. If neither is, or it is for short time periods, the next step is to check your filters, they can become blocked and cause heating issues with water pump circulation.

  5. If it is none of the above, than it is likely an accidental mode change. This can occur simply by clicking the wrong buttons in a sequence. For Tropic Seas or Viking you will click “temp” then “Light” or in some cases you will hit “temp” and “jet”. It is usually temp up, jet 1, and light 1, always the first or up to reach the mode.  Then ether scroll to menu or for smaller tubs it will either say “ec”, “sl”, or “st”. Click “temp” and “light” until you reach desired mode. On Standard (st) the spa maintains its temperature always, economy (ec) the spa will go heat for two hours twice a day, Sleep (sl) the spa is not active. Make sure it is on standard. If they wish to have economy on make sure it is set appropriately to work how they want. For filter cycle click “temp” and “jet 1” then hit “jet 1” until they reach desired hours for filter cycle. Filter cycle is the the time you want to have your filters and water cycle automatically.

  6. Heater Dry Error Code- Possible dirty filters. If not than it will require a service call. 

  7. Tropic seas  filter cycle you will see under the temperature it will say ether “ready” or “rest” or “f2” etc. F2 meaning Filter cycle every two hours.


  1. First you check your chlorine levels.

  2. Cloudy water is usually caused by bacteria and has three solutions clarifier, enzymes, and chlorine. Chlorine being the most important.

  3. If chlorine levels are low an increase sporadically in chlorine is necessary, use chlorine granules after using spa to help assist the in-line system. So it can adapt to excessive use.

  4. If your chlorine levels are fine than clarifier or enzymes.

  5. If it is an issue of oils and skin stuff than the best is enzymes and clarifier because it will collect and gather the stuff. After using the enzymes and clarifier it is important to wash your filters and use a wet rag to collect excess particles from the water line.

  6. If it is foam and cloudy the likely solution is enzymes and foam down for instant solution.

  7. If it is an issue of particles and what not clarifier is an ideal clean up.

  8. After clarifier or enzyme is used you wipe excess stuff from the water line with towel and rinse filters.

  9. It is a trial and error process to adjust the cloudy water issue.


  1. If green water is coming out starting it is well water.

  2. If you have green water due to well water the solution is metal gon and a prefilter that attaches to hose. The hose filter lasts years and will slow water pressure and take longer for tub to fill but is effective at filtering the particles.

  3. If you have developed green water it is an issue with chlorine. Metal gon can still help them but the main issue is that they may need to increase chlorine have them test it.

  4. You should add bits of chlorine as you go or

  5. You should  increase chlorine cartridge by turning the top of the cartridge.


  1. tp-600 (all tropic seas except tonga): While pressing and holding the temp or temp up if available, slowly press and release the light button two times


  1. Sometimes jets can be closed and then get jammed, you must pull it out by force, try twisting it open, if that doesn’t work than pull it out and place it back in.

  2. Airlocks: ( refer to photos on the right) If you have an airlock then the jets wont work, first locate the diverter valve (photo A), then you must remove the diverter valve by pulling the handle off first (photo B) and then unscrewing the base and pulling the tube out of it (photo C). From here you will turn on jets by clicking  both jet buttons on and off button again and again. So, continuously pressing jet 1 or 2 repeatedly. It will cause water to shoot out of diverter valve, be prepared. Once it does so, place your diverter valve back together and your jets should be operating again.

  3. Airlocks can occur when refilling or draining the spa, it is a very common issue.

  4. If this doesn’t solve the issue than a service call may be necessary for repairs.

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  1. Best prevented by chlorine and regular maintenance

  2. Need a solution to flush out pipes with and then drain.

  3. Need a cleaning done professionally or the biofilm will just continue to return.

  4. Recommend a clarifier and enzymes to assist in prevention. More importantly an increase in chlorine and general maintenance.


  1. Increase in chlorine according to use

  2. Check levels before getting in, if multiple people you will want tub to be on higher end of chlorine because chlorine drops sporadically and quickly and bacteria can build extremely fast.


  1. What kind of chlorine are they using and are they spiking it often with chlorine? Using chlorine in general will lower the ph as the chlorine is acidic. Using pool chlorine in a spa will significantly lower the ph due to it being even more acidic.

  2. Sometimes ph will fluctuate sporadically and the only solution is to just continue adjusting until it stabilizes this may take a few days


  1. The breaker will trip at least once in the first 24 hours, this is normal.

  2. Do not fill tub until it is installed as tropic seas have a plug that needs to be placed on the pump if you do not put it on then water will leak everywhere

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