Tropic Seas Spas

Quick Specs:

TONGA Features

110V / 220V Convertible

The TONGA is compatible with 110V Plug N Play electrical to your standard wall outlet and comes with an included 15 ft 120V, 15A GFCI cord. TONGA is also 220V compatible, easily allowing the user to switch electrical input with only some simple settings. 240V electrical is an extra expense but can give added efficiency.

Ozone Purification

Ozone purification comes standard on all Tropic Seas Spas including the TONGA. Ozone provides powerful and natural water treatment, allowing you to use fewer chemicals in your spa. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that helps chlorine work more effectively.

Stainless Steel Jets

The all stainless steel and innovative helix jet design provides superior hydrotherapy. By creating small turbine like channels in the jets, water is forced out in a spiral pattern. Even the simplest jets in a Tropic Seas Spa feel like a vigorous massage.

1 Blue LED Light

The TONGA includes a simple LED base light near the bottom of the hot tub. For most users looking for a simple solution to light up their spas at night this is usually enough. For those looking to brighten up their TONGA with colors, check out the Multicolor 10 LED in optional features.


ArcticPac Insulation w/ ABS Bottom

ArcticPac Insulation comes standard in all Tropic Seas, the system features a thin layer of high insulating foam on the spas shell and plumbing parts as well as a reflective insulation lined on the interior cabinet. The ABS Bottom Pan protects the base of the spa from the elements while also sealing the cabinet tightly, keeping in the radiant heat and keeping out moisture and critters.

Maintenance-Free Kingwood Cabinetry

Beautiful, long-lasting Kingwood adds years of maintenance-free life to your spa. Maintenance-free cabinetry will not rot, rust, warp, deteriorate or require replacement. Panels are made of a durable, synthetic material that can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including snow, humidity, rain, sleet, and heat. This all-weather durable, fade-resistant and stain resistant Kingwood cabinet requires no painting or staining. Easily clean these cabinets with soap and water, if necessary.

Made in the USA

Tropic Seas Spas are built by May Manufacturing, a large hot tub manufacturer and the maker of many popular spa brands across the world. They are based in Las Vegas, NV and all hot tubs are manufactured right here in the USA.

Optional Features


  • Multi-Color 10 LED Lighting
  • Full Foam Insulation Package
  • Upgraded Acrylic Colors

What's Included Free

The TONGA includes all the same add-on’s as every one of our premium spas.

Delivery and Installation

All our hot tubs are delivered right where you want them at the site completely free of charge. No matter how tough the delivery we are there for you from start to finish.

ASTM Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

Every hot tub comes with an ASTM Certified Deluxe Safety Cover made by industry leader SunStar. SunStar Vapor Seal plastic barrier, marine grade vinyl, full length heat seal and internal reinforcements will keep your hot tub cover insulating for the many years to come.

Free Cover Lifter

Our many styles of Cover Lifters create a hassle free way to lift the cover on and off of the spa, storing it to the back or side when not in use. We also include the Cover Lifter installation with every spa we sell.

Spa Steps

Every hot tub we sell whether small or tall includes a set of Spa Steps. Select these in the color of your choice to easily get in and out of the spa without any strain or worries.

Start Up Chemicals Kit

We include a full kit with 6-8 months of spa chemicals for your hot tub. Whatever spa sanitation system you choose we’ll provide you with the necessary ingredients. We’ll also give you a Chemical Cheat Sheet and walk you through your first days as a new spa owner.


Tropic Seas Spas by May Manufacturing feature a comprehensive warranty with NO pro-rations or fees EVER. 3 Year Parts, Labor, Plumbing & Electrical / 3 Year Surface / Lifetime Structure Warranty and 1 Year Cabinet. Our service department is available every day of the week to answer your questions and provide you with warranty service. Not only are you covered by the best warranty but every warranty claim goes through Decks & Spas, saving you the hassle of talking with any manufacturers or filing any paperwork.

Below you will find videos highlighting the various standard features of the Tropic Seas Spas line.


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