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CleanZone™ & CleanZone II™

CleanZone™ Ozone Purification system comes standard with any of our Elite Spas. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that provides natural sanitation of contaminants. CleanZone II™ is the innovative UV light System that is Optional on the EliteSpas 8000. Using a UV light system, water passes through an exposed area where bacteria’s are naturally eliminated.

Powerful 5HP 56-Frame Pumps

Elite Spas utilizes two powerful 5 HP and 56 Frame Pumps for increased jet pressure that you can feel. Using bigger pumps with fewer small jets and more of the larger 5″ massage jets creates a vigorous massage experience making Elite Spas a champion of hydrotherapy.

LED Chromatherapy Lighting

EliteSpas™ Chromatherapy illuminates the entire spa using several LED’s in the shell with double illuminated LED waterfall’s and illuminated controls, valves, cup holders.

Cascading Waterfalls

EliteSpas alluring Waterfall features are the ideal compliment to an already perfect setting. Standard with every spa and illuminated by LED Chromatherapy lights.

Neck Relief Station

Built using a process of reverse molding, the Neck Relief Station has jets above the shoulders and behind the neck that are fully adjustable. A 2nd Neck Relief Station with varied seat height is also an option on many Elite Spas, catering to those smaller in stature.

Built to the MAAX™

Elite Spas are innovative in their building processes. BlueMAAX™ Insulation is eco friendly, made from recycled and treated (fire-resistant) denim with a high insulation value. DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry and Elevated ABS Bottom Pan keep out critters while protecting your spa from the elements, leaving the inside of your spa open, dry and free of dreaded Full-Foam.

Made in the USA

MAAX™ is the largest spa hot tub manufacturers in North America. They manufacturer over 6 different hot tubs brands and are one of the industries leading residential plumbing companies.

Optional Features

Natural Sanitizing:

  • CleanZone™ II – UV System


  • Bluetooth Music Experience w/ 4 Speakers & Subwoofer


  • Deluxe 5″-4″ Cover Upgrade


  • Deluxe Neck Relief Station w/ Shoulder Jets
  • AeroMAAX – Air Blower

What's Included Free?

Delivery and Installation

All our hot tubs are delivered and set up at the site completely free of charge. No matter how tough the delivery we are there for you from start to finish.

ASTM Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

Every hot tub comes with an ASTM Certified Deluxe Safety Cover made by industry leader SunStar. SunStar Vapor Seal plastic barrier, marine grade vinyl, full length heat seal and internal reinforcements will keep your hot tub cover insulating for the many years to come.

Free Cover Lifter

Our many styles of Cover Lifters create a hassle free way to lift the cover on and off of the spa, storing it to the back or side when not in use. We also include the Cover Lifter installation with every spa we sell.

Spa Steps

Every hot tub we sell whether small or tall includes a set of Spa Steps. Select these in the color of your choice to easily get in and out of the spa without any strain or worries.

Start Up Chemicals Kit

We include a full kit with 6-8 months of spa chemicals for your hot tub. Whatever spa sanitation system you choose we’ll provide you with the necessary ingredients. We’ll also give you a Chemical Cheat Sheet and walk you through your first days as a new spa owner.

MAAX™ Warranty

MAAX™ Elite Spas come with the industries longest and most comprehensive warranty available. 5 Years Parts & Labor / 10 Year Shell and a Lifetime Warranty on the Structural Steel Frame. Our Service department is available every day of the week to answer your questions and provide you with warranty service. Not only are you covered by the best warranty but every warranty claim goes through Decks & Spas, saving you the hassle of talking with any manufacturers or filing any paperwork.

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